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Winter 1/2 Hog Pork Share

Winter 1/2 Hog Pork Share

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Approximately 70- 75 pounds of our forest raised pork ready for pickup. Shopping in bulk saves over $300.

Our 1/2 Hog Pork Share includes: 

10 pounds ground pork

10 packages of breakfast links (10 per package)

10 pounds ground sausage varieties (chorizo, spicy or sweet italian, bratwurst, polish)

8 pounds belly bacon

3 pounds bacon ends

2 pork shoulder roasts 

5 pounds cottage bacon

10 boneless pork chops (packaged into packs of 2)

4 pounds of loin bacon

1 slab spare ribs

5 bone in leg steaks

5 pounds Country Style Ribs

Roughly $12 per pound 

This bulk price is all inclusive so no additional butcher fees are required.

At this time, Farm Pickup only.

Please email to select your sausage varieties for your pork share.