shipping every monday + tuesday straight to your doorstep with farm pickup each Saturday

Farm Club - Shipped outside of WA

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Widnor Farms meats shipped directly to your doorstep every 30, 60 or 90 days!

Farm Club Shipped- WA members receive:

  • Free Ground Beef for LIFE!
  • First access to all new products & inventory restocks
  • First access to all events

A box full of $199 or $299 worth of meats every 30, 60 or 90 days.

NO COMMITMENTS! - free to pause, skip, hold or cancel at any time.


Chicken not available outside of Washington at this time.

Add to or edit your box at any time.

By ordering this monthly box you will be automatically charged for a new box each month. Boxes are billed the last week of the month and ready for pickup the first Saturday of each month, unless that week has a holiday (ie 4th of July). You can always pause, skip or cancel by logging into your account here and changing your preferences, box size, requests - or to put a hold or cancellation on your membership. You can also update payment settings at any time - because of the recurring nature of the membership - PayPal or Apple/Google Pay can not be used - membership requires a credit card.

*Free ground beef offer: 2 pounds of ground beef added to every order during membership. If customer pauses or cancels, ground beef offer is forfeited.