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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Are you Organic?

No. Our farm is not certified. However, we use organically minded principles and practices that you will find without the label. We have found that it is too cost prohibitive to seek out Organic Certification & do not believe that increasing our costs to pursue it is in the best interest of our customers. We do not use any pesticides or herbicides on the ranch and use non GMO feed.

Why is your meat more expensive than the grocery store?

Details matter. Our beef is dry aged for a minimum of 16-21 days to enhance flavor and tenderness. Our pork is raised in the forest of our farm, giving them a rich, bright red color with incredible marbling and space to express their natural instincts. Our chickens are raised on the pastures and moved daily to fresh grass. Our lamb is a heritage breed that is grass fed and rotated to new pasture daily. All of this ensures we're bringing you a premium product but, it also takes more time, energy and resources than what you would find in the store. We don't pretend to compete because we know what we have is something you can't find on a supermarket shelf.

Can we come visit the Ranch?

Because we are a working farm, we are closed to the public outside of our farm pickup hours of Saturday from 10-2PM. We are not currently available to "shop the freezers". All orders must be completed via the website as we store all of our meat at an offsite freezer service. We are available for tours on a case by case basis with a signed liability waiver.

What if you're sold out?

We appreciate your patience and are so grateful for the dedication you have to our farm. We do sell out of a lot of products as some are seasonal but we do our best to keep you updated on inventory restocking. Signing up for our email newsletter is the best way to stay in the know!