Shipping every week or visit the Ranch Store in Custer, Wa!

Shipping FAQ's


We are excited to kick off our shipping of our ranch meats directly to your doorstep. Beef, Pork and Lamb are available nationwide and our Chicken is sold within Washington State only.

What to expect:

Our meats are shipped in airtight boxes with dry ice to maintain their frozen temperatures and ensure their safe arrival. We pack our boxes for shipping each Tuesday where they arrive frozen directly to your doorstep. Your meat should arrive ready for your family to enjoy.

Returning your boxes:

We have a commitment to stewarding our farm ground but that doesn’t end on our farm! We will reuse our boxes and always appreciate when our customers ship them back. We have included a return shipping label and instructions as well as a sticker to cover up the perishable label on the bow. Adding a book or magazine to the box allows you ship it “Media Rate”, keeping the costs way down. The kids take them to our local schools for donation and you get a $10 coupon off your next purchase!

Shipping costs:

Our shipping costs will be based on your location. Please select your time zone for your rate. Due to the high cost of overnight shipping, the farther you get from the ranch, the more expensive it is. To get the best bang for your buck, we recommend stocking up on larger shipments less frequently to reduce shipping costs.

Why isn’t shipping free?

In order to keep the cost of our meat down, we cannot absorb shipping costs. We know it’s hard in the days of Amazon prime but we promise, it’s worth it! We pay attention to the details it takes to ship frozen meat, including dry ice, environmentally friendly reusable packaging, timely packing and our families commitment to the best quality meats in our boxes.

Can we still pickup on the farm?

Yes! If you are local to us or just want to make the trip out to the ranch, we have designated farm pickup days and can accommodate on farm pickup. This is a great way to save on shipping costs & keep your freezers stocked with quality meat you can trust. We are currently open from 10-2 PM on Saturdays and are excited to add more farm pickup options soon. 

Do I need to make an appointment for farm pickup?

Due to the corona virus pandemic, we are asking customers to please select a time that works for you when checking out.

Where can you ship?

We currently ship to all 50 states.