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Farm Club - Local Pickup

Farm Club - Local Pickup

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Farm Club Local members receive:

First access to new products

First access to all events

A box full of your preferred meats every 30, 60 or 90 days.

Farm club local pickup orders must picked up on the farm the first Saturday of the month unless otherwise arranged.


Premium: preferred cuts like bacon, links, chicken breast, whole chicken & premium steaks like tenderloin, ribeyes, new yorks and more.

Family Staples: Roasts, sausages, whole chickens (and cuts) as well as some steaks & Ground.

Ground Beef: dry aged ground beef 

Chicken is only produced seasonally. Should we sell out, Chicken only Farm Club boxes will be paused until our next restock. 

NO COMMITMENTS! - free to pause, skip, hold or cancel at any time

By ordering this monthly box you will be automatically charged for a new box each month you select. You will NOT be charged again until your designated choice of dates after receiving your first box! Boxes are billed the last week of the month and ready for pickup the first Saturday of each month, unless that week has a holiday (ie 4th of July). You can always pause, skip or cancel by logging into your account here and changing your preferences, box size, requests - or to put a hold or cancellation on your membership. You can also update payment settings at any time - because of the recurring nature of the membership - PayPal or Apple/Google Pay can not be used - membership requires a credit card.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Alyssa Voelker
The best of the best!

I am always impressed by the quality of meat I get from Widnor Farms! My husband and I tell all of our friends about it because it's THAT good. I mean, have you tried the pork chops!? It's a treat to take our monthly trip to the farm for pickup and be able to chat directly with the folks who put their hearts and souls into caring for their animals and bringing the best quality products to their community. I also love trying new cuts that you don't usually see at the grocery store and learning way to expand my cooking knowledge.

Emma Smith
Love Everything

I absolutely love the products and the people! Significantly better quality and honestly it’s less expensive than grocery stores. I have a family of 9 so we go through a lot of meat every month and inflation is insane. Buying from this farm is better for my family, my budget and we are supporting local farmers.

Cate Lorenz
Great family, great farm raised meat/products!

If you aren’t already a member of Widnor Farm Club you should be. They have the best beef, chicken, pork, etc…… Besides just being an amazing family run farm!

Brittany Kilgore
Great Quality Meat

In our efforts to get out of the grocery store we found this beautiful family farm, and I couldn’t be more appreciative. We can supply our family with great quality meat every month, and the process is a breeze. Not to mention this family is super sweet and helpful. No better place to support a local farmer!

Georgia W.
Farm club Box

It was great as always !